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Today I’d like to share a collab that I did with Matt and team at Totallee! Totallee is a startup based out of South Pasadena, California founded by Matthias Hug. My mission is to share great stylish pictures of course with a minimalist approach. Its pretty awesome I was given the chance to work with this start-up brand who shares a common vision in style and aesthetics as I do – clean design! Their thin and elegant iPhone cases definitely caught my attention and I was glad to introduce you guys to this cool new brand! 

The case featured below is the super thin – “practically invisible” – The Spy case. The Spy case is my favorite because its transparent exterior shows off my rose gold iPhone design! Ever since I purchased my iPhone, I can honestly say that I have never really gotten the chance to enjoy the beautiful rose gold design of the phone itself, so this case is really the best of both worlds, protection and visual appeal! I can also easily fit it in any bag without taking up too much space (As I am sure, every girl can attest to this issue. Ahhhh! ) & I love a cover that adds grip and is also lint resistant! I usually like to pocket my iPhone in the back pocket of my denim jeans so I no longer have to worry about picking up lint on my case! Its really the small things that make a big difference! ;-)*

To explore and learn more about the brand Totallee and their unique iPhone case collection, check out their website at Totallee. They offer free shipping + 90 Day warranty. You cant go wrong!! Love it!

 Also be sure to check out their cool pictures & follow them on Instagram @totalleecase .

Platform comeback

Lately, whenever I go out to the city for a night out with friends, I prepare myself by wearing some comfy flats or sneakers especially when I know ill be walking on those cobblestone streets of meatpacking district or walk more than 5 blocks! Guess what? I don’t have to worry about that anymore! So I recently discovered these platforms that changed my entire life this season! I invested in some sturdy, comfy Sam Edelman Platforms! I love wearing heels but I also love feeling comfortable dancing the night away! Well, thank God – this season platforms have made a comeback and they are more stylish than ever and did I mention, super comfy. They also make my legs appear longer than they are and simply couldn’t past them up because of how cute they are! Yay! 

I absolutely loveeee these Sam Edelman shoes I bought online! They literally go with anything! They’re nude and most importantly- comfortable and probably will be featured in a lot of my spring/summer posts, so sorry! But!…I hope you like them! My sister seems to be opposed to them, so I know they’re not a style for everyone but I promise, once you have them on, they’re too cute! And I can walk endless NYC blocks without a problem! How great is that!
Also, I’ll share some more of my favorite platforms and provide a link for them down below! 

How cute are these! ☺️

Sam Edelman : Find here

Steve Madden: Find here

Zara: Find here

Zara: Find here

Mango: Find here

Asos: Find here

Chanel: Find here

Mango: Find here

Venice beach

Believe it or not I basically packed nothing for this trip! I actually found this dress at forever 21 in Long Beach and fell in love with it. This time around I kind of just wanted to grab whatever came into hand and packed it all in my suitcase till I realized that I packed way more bottoms instead of tops. I never been to California so I wasn’t sure what exactly to pack to begin with. It was a week long vacation and I was going to be traveling to many different parts of Cali. I packed skirts and shorts and dresses but found it to be quite chilly. 

Some days were super warm and hot and some days it was super cold. My friend had this cute cardigan pictured below that matched this dress so it was perfect. I threw on the cardigan when I felt cold and took it off when it became too hot. 

I love long bodycon dresses. The fit is so comfy and perfect. I don’t get it – but I have an attraction to anything that has stripes. It’s funny because my best friend is the same way. We just like striped tops and dresses.  I also love wearing long dresses because it makes you appear taller than you really are! They’re also long enough to keep you warm and with simple dresses you can’t really go wrong. You don’t have to pick out a matching top or bottom it’s just 1 simple easy piece. This dress wasn’t the only buy in Cali! I bought some other cute things I’ll share with you guys soon. 

But on a side note – how cute are these pictures and the scenery! We walked the beach and Venice canal and took some great pictures of the flowers planted in the gardens along the way! Truly beautiful! Can I just live there?? 

Dress: Forever 21

Cardigan: Garage

Flip flops: forever21

Blazer and boyfriend jeans


If there’s one thing every woman should invest in to have in their wardrobe – that would be a blazer. I like my blazers to be fitted and structured. Thier versatility goes a long way. Maybe a night out, or causal business meeting, or a dinner date, or a brunch, they really come in handy for almost anything. Try a tee or tank under to create a more casual vibe or you can wear a lace cami or a button down for a more business look. 

I’m a very petite girl and if you have read my previous blog posts you know that any find that is perfect fitting is a great find for me and so I’m happy that I found this black blazer from H&M. Thank god for European size charts as well! 

I typically like to style my blazers with a pair of denim jeans like below. You can also pair the outfit with boots like I’ve done here or a cute pair of trendy sneakers to match. 

You can also pair this blazer with some cute festival shorts and heels for a trendy night out in town. Hmm might have to feature that look soon!


Spring !

 Spring is here and it feels amazing! The flowers are blooming and the weather is finally getting better -sometimes! Lol Jersey weather is always confusing and unpredictable so one day it it’ll be that spring weather we’ve all been looking forward to while the next day it’ll be winter again. But the weather is definitely getting there slowly but surely and I love it!

Good weather makes me feel so happy and I feel I like I could conquer anything the day brings at me! And I love the fact that I have tons of more outfit choices and leeway when the weather is gorgeous ! 

This spring outfit is perfect for a date night out, a brunch with friends or a girls night. Super cute and comfy – && definitely super chic! I usually don’t wear crop tops but I loved this plush pink simple top, I figured with a high waisted skirt it would make me feel more comfortable wearing it and I love how the look came out! If you all know me the less I have to wear and still look more is the best option for me. My style is very simple and versatile so I love when I can find cute simple pieces and make them look more than simple! (If that makes sense) lol 

Of course want to thank my lovely flawlish team for always making me “work it”. They are such motivators and I love you guys! They’re my sisters and they are the greatest! Check out the outfit deets below if you love this look and want to know where I got these pieces.  


Crop Top: Forever21 | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Zara (old) | Vest: Forever21 | Sunnies: Forever21 

These boots are made for walking!

Today I’m sharing three ways to wear these beautiful – awesome suede high knee boots from Zara! 

You know when you randomly hit up a store with no intentions of really buying but just go to browse and then you hit the jackpot with a really good deal so you can’t resist a purchase!? Yup that happened to me! Seems to always happen to me but shhh –  That’s besides the point. Lol  I got super lucky with this purchase and bought them for about $40-$50! They’re one of my favorite pairs and really damn cute! 

And Yes – I’m working it in these pictures thanks to my flawlish team for always hyping me up haha. They are hilarious ! Shoutout to them!    


Dress: H&M | Sweater: H&M | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Boots: Zara 

Check out two more ways I styled these boots below !   
 I’m sure you remember this look above from my previous post! You can check out more from this look in my “Paisley” blog post! 


See how Sheryl styles her Zara boots!    

Pictures via :

Blogger : Sheryl – how cute is her style! 

Topshop dress

I know it’s been long over due but here’s another outfit post from my Spain trip! I wanted this dress for so long and decided to finally make the purchase right before my trip. 

It’s super cute and looks and feels great on!  I’m the queen of turning dressy pieces to casual daywear and I believe you truly get your moneys worth when you purchase styles that you can wear multiple times in different ways! I can dress it down or up with changing my shoe game or I can pair it with a cute leather jacket like in the pictures below or a long overcoat.  I can also throw on a huge oversized sweater and make a completely different outfit! I’m truly in love with this dress! I’ve gotten a lot of sweet feedback from wearing it and I’m so happy that I got the chance to show it off in Spain! Hope you like it!  

Xo Lish


 Love these beautiful streets! So colorful and so clean!!


Dress : Topshop 

leather jacket: Hollister Co.

shoes: Forever 21

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Prada


Mango in Spain!

The worst part about going away on a trip is the packing before you leave. I always try to plan 2 weeks ahead of what I’d like to bring but always end up really putting in the effort and thought the night before my flight!

Initially I packed more outfits than needed on this trip to Spain and had to stop and tell myself “Lish are you really going to have time to wear all these outfits??!” I then decided to remove at least 3 outfit choices I packed. I know – I’m nuts! I realized after a few trips this past couple months that the real essentials are all you need! A cute pair of jeans, sneakers, basic white tee, a trench, and a dress. I mean if anything I’m going to Spain!! That means shopping of course! && that’s exactly what we did our first day – we decided to get all our shopping out of the way. 

The funny part is that I ended up wearing the clothes I went shopping for on this trip than I had actually packed! Lol One – being this very cute jacket I’m wearing in these pictures below from Mango! 

I’m so happy about this purchase because this jacket is so versatile! You can dress it up or dress it down and it’s super super chic with really cute fringe details on the hem! Love it!!! 

Jacket: Mango

Jeans: Hollister high waisted boyfriend jeans 

Shoes: Converses 

Bag and Top: Forever21 


Stay Flawlish

So I’d like to make a special shoutout to my little cousin Nikita for getting me this dope customized Flawlish top! I’m in love with it! I have something cool coming for you guys soon in the next couple of months and some awesome giveaways ! So keep watching…



Jeans: Hollister Co.

¡Barcelona, Spain!

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve been back from Spain! I miss it so much, it was an amazing 4 day getaway with really cool close friends. Although our trip to Barcelona, Spain was fairly short, we got to visit and see a lot of the things we had on our list to see. The city is so beautiful with a lot of history and culture. I am so glad we made the trip to go especially because we booked the flight so spontaneously. The experience was one of a kind!

Barcelona has been one of my top places to visit so it was truly great timing since the weather was just right and it felt as if everything worked in our favor when we got there. The expenses were affordable and the time traveled was enjoyed.Take a look below to follow what we did day by day! Hope these pictures inspire you to take a trip down there as well! Enjoy and thanks for reading! Besos, Lish xo



The first day we got to our Airbnb, and decided to freshen up and soak in the gorgeous view of the Sagrada Familia across the street!! (I know! – super cool!) Then we headed into town to do a little shopping because of course shopping is a must – always :-) We were super lucky with the apartment we found because the metro was right downstairs of our place so getting around was super easy! 

passeig de gracia  

-tapa tapa – where we tried our first sangria pitcher!!!! Love!!   

-casa Batlló 


-arc de Triomf    



The second day we we visited the very awesome Gothic Quarter and the Museo de Picasso!


The third day we visited one of my favorite locations called “Park Güell“! This park is so beautiful and you can see all of Barcelona from there! And I’m super glad we went there because we got to experience live music from Spanish musicians that were so incredible to watch!

   Then we headed down by the beach to do lunch at Opium.  

Fourth day we finally made it inside the Sagrada familia ! Can I just tell you guys how beautiful this church is!!! The artist behind the churches design is Atoni Gaudi and he is one of Spain’s most known to be artists! It was pretty awesome to see his work/teachings of art inside that beautiful church! Truly a blessing! After Visiting the church we decided to head to Camp Nou!!!!! My brother is a ¡HUGE! FCB fan and in love with Messi! So I decided to bring back an official FCB Messi jersey for him and being a soccer fan myself and having played soccer this was a pretty cool experience for me especially experiencing it with my friend Lindsey who was on my soccer team back in high school! Lol

This city is so gorgeous and the people are very sweet! I would recommend this city for everyone that wants to visit Spain and I can’t wait to go back to see Madrid!! Woohoo! I’ll be posting some of my outfit posts from Barca soon! Stay tuned…