Hey Guys, so as promised – here is a post about my favorite everyday makeup products and the order I apply them! I don’t wear makeup necessarily everyday but these are the products I swear by when I’m heading out with a quick fix or a full glam. This post is pretty long so brace yourselves! Hope you enjoy!

  1. First things first, a foundation primer is a must! My favorite is from Smashbox. Their photo finish foundation primer works great, because it smoothes your skin and prepares it for the foundation. It blurs out imperfections¬†for a flawless or “flawlish” look! Ha! ūüôā Its super important to wear a primer before putting on foundation, primer keeps your makeup on way longer! With Smashbox all you need is a dime size and boom, you are ready to layer on that foundation!
  2. Second, its time to apply your foundation! I take a foundation brush or beauty blender and apply a thin layer and blend! I literally have about 5 foundations in my makeup stash right now. Although I have a couple favs, my ultimate favorite is the Laura Mercier Flawless Fluid Foundation¬†in color ‘Butterscotch’ which is a light color with warm undertones. I have been mixing my five foundations for a really long time to get the perfect shade for my skin tone, but finally I found a color that matches me perfectly! Thank you Laura Mercier!! This foundation is super pricey but the coverage and color are perfect and I don’t break out! Its super light weight, which I love! I hate makeup that looks too heavy and cakey. I definitely recommend this foundation!
  3. Third, its time for some bronzer! I am absolutely in love with my Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer . I found out about this bronzer from blogger Sincerely Jules. She always has this perfect bronzy skin and I just had to do some research to see what she uses. The first day I put on this bronzer was before a family Christmas party. As soon as I put some of this bronzer on, I got so many compliments about my glowing skin. Definitely a fav that will never leave my makeup routine and it lasts for sooooo long! Check out the picture below to give you a better picture of where I use my bronzer to contour and why!9899a18161fab6fbc38f5338fb3f3dfd
  4. Highlight! I love my Nars highlighter in shade ‘Albatross.’ Sometimes I will switch between two highlighters. My 2nd favorite is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in color “Opal”. You cannot go wrong with these two! The Nars highlighter really gives your skin the perfect glow and compliments any skin tone! The Becca shimmering skin perfector is perfect for when you’re going for more of a dewy look. It’s definitely my go to in the summer! Both work great and I don’t think I will ever try anything else. Check out the picture below to give you a better picture of where I highlight and why! ¬†Face Highlighting

5. Now, I¬†lock in my contour and highlight with my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder!¬†This bestselling translucent powder sets your makeup for longer wear. If using the Becca shimmering skin perfector, I will usually apply it¬†after I set my makeup with the translucent powder, that way I can still maintain that dewy look I’m going for. The translucent powder gives your skin a matte finish and so it just makes sense to apply the skin perfector after the powder. This powder is also perfect for baking.

6. Now I move onto my eyes, but primer first! To prime my eyes, I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This primer will keep your eyeshadow on all day! Its also easier to blend your eyeshadows when you have a smoother base, and will help against any creasing from occurring.  After I apply the primer, I will then go ahead and apply my eyeshadow. For everyday wear, I like to stick to neutrals and love light pinks on the eyes! I came across this Tarte tartelette tease eyeshadow palette. The perfect everyday colors for all year round with lid, crease and highlight pairings. This palette features 4 matte colors and 2 shimmery colors and what I love the most is how compact it is, and easy for travel.

7. Next, its time for some liner and mascara! I love the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in blackest black. This liner glides on so easy with a thin point and last a while. I like the liners to be super black because it makes your eyes pop! My favorite gel liner is Bobbi Brown Long-Wear liner¬†and if you’re a pencil lover, check out my favorite by Marc Jacobs¬†. Once I have applied my liner, I move onto my mascara! Ok so I’ve tried so many mascaras, I l 0 v e Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara. I first got this mascara as part of the free gift from Sephora and loved it. Once it was done, I started using all these different ones, like Maybelline’s Great Lash, which I once swore by but was just not doing it for me ever since I used Benefit’s mascara. In the past 6 months I switched through so many different mascaras and was afraid that my lashes will just never look as great, healthy and long as they once used to. I know! I lost all hope with my lashes and something told me to go back to Benefit and I finally ordered the¬†Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara¬†and got my full lashes back and well I am not going anywhere! Sometimes you just have to try 10 before you come to realize which mascara gives your lashes life! I mean, I was so close to considering fake lashes so thank you Benefit!! They’re SO Real!

8. Now time for some lippy action. For everyday wear I love MAC cosmetics shade ‘Plumful’¬†and shoutout to my bestie Kelley for recommending this shade to me 4 years ago! My lips are so colorless and at one point I worked for a company that promoted natural beauty so that meant no funky colors. I kept complaining about how I look so sickly without lip color. So my friend recommended plumful. This color is the perfect shade for me because it gives me that color I need on my lips. Very light in color and has a sheen finish. Very subtle and pretty. Great office lipstick¬†and definitely one of my favorite MAC shades!

9. Last but not least Рsetting spray!!! I watch so many makeup tutorials and love to see what the top beauty bloggers/vloggers use to get their perfect look. Anyway, I came across a review for Elf setting spray and oh boy, it works great!! Its only $3 at Target and with aloe, cucumber, green tea and vitamins, this refreshing settling spray keeps your face moisturized all day! My other favorite is Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting setting spray. I usually switch between the two setting spray and sometimes put on both if I really need that makeup on all day! Both great products!

And there you have it! My everyday beauty routine with my favorite products! Hope you enjoyed this post! If so, comment below and let me know what you think. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear about them!