The worst part about going away on a trip is the packing before you leave. I always try to plan 2 weeks ahead of what I’d like to bring but always end up really putting in the effort and thought the night before my flight!

Initially I packed more outfits than needed on this trip to Spain and had to stop and tell myself “Lish are you really going to have time to wear all these outfits??!” I then decided to remove at least 3 outfit choices I packed. I know – I’m nuts! I realized after a few trips this past couple months that the real essentials are all you need! A cute pair of jeans, sneakers, basic white tee, a trench, and a dress. I mean if anything I’m going to Spain!! That means shopping of course! && that’s exactly what we did our first day – we decided to get all our shopping out of the way.

The funny part is that I ended up wearing the clothes I went shopping for on this trip than I had actually packed! Lol One – being this very cute jacket I’m wearing in these pictures below from Mango!

I’m so happy about this purchase because this jacket is so versatile! You can dress it up or dress it down and it’s super super chic with really cute fringe details on the hem! Love it!!!



Jacket: Mango

Jeans: Hollister high waisted boyfriend jeans

Shoes: Converses

Bag and Top: Forever21