This has been one heck of a rainy week. I’ve been literally opening up all my blinds in my room to get as much light as possible. I hate rainy weather and I the gloominess really ruins my mood. 

One thing that definitely turns my frown upside  down on a rainy day is dressing up. I know sometimes it’s hard because you just don’t have the energy in you but dressing up definitely makes me feel more confident and alive and makes me feel like I’ve got an agenda to acomplish and places to be. 

So I decided to put a very chic outfit together that makes me feel alive with some faux leather pants and a leopard print scarf to take charge! I paired these awesome olive pants with a fuzzy warm sweater, a trench coat and some ridiculously awesome new boots I purchased which I’m totally in love with! 

Check out more below on where you can find these awesome pieces! 


Sweater : foreved21 (Shop similar: Fuzzy sweater )

Boots: Aldo

Pants: H&M (old shop similar: Leather pants

Clutch: Nordstrom Rack

trench coat: H&M