Neutrals and Dark colors for fall please! I love this look, 0ne of my favorites for the start of this season. This outfit is the perfect example of how to look chic under $100. You certainly don’t need expensive designer clothing to look fashionable. All you need to do, is be a smart shopper. I am an expert when it comes to this. A lot of times we see ads and awesome Instagram outfits that rock designers like Fendi, Oscar De La Renta, or Balmain but you can still look high fashion-chic with less expensive clothing.

I love this top I found on sale at Banana Republic and yes #itsbanana (Link below)! What I love about this top is that its so simple and when you see it hanging on the rack it doesn’t catch your eye at first but the detailed sleeves is what did it for me! So I gave it a go, tried it on and fell in love! Super super chic! By the way this petite dark maroon pencil leather skirt was on sale as well at the Loft and guess how much?? $10!  Yes, I know such a bargain for a skirt that was originally like $100. The best time to shop is the beginning of a new season and the end of another. I kid you not, its so worth the wait to shop then! I provided some links for the outfit below!






Top: Banana Republic (Shop: here )

Skirt: Loft (Shop similar: here )

Flats: H&M (Shop similar here )

Watch: Daniel Wellington (Shop here )

Choker: Hollister Co. (Shop here )

Sunglasses: Loft (Shop similar here )