Colorful look from Jaiselmer, India! This had been my first time visiting this part of Northern India and I can honestly say I’ve fell in love with it! My family and I took a 12 hour road trip to this beautiful city called Jaiselmer, and about a 4o minute drive outside of the city is the Jaiselmer Desert!

Visiting the desert had been the most awesome experience ever and camel riding for the first time and watching the beautiful indian sunset was even more of a blessing! Words couldn’t even describe how beautiful it all was. The people there are so kind and what amazed me the most was that our camel guider knew and understood perfect english, being he grew up in the desert his whole life and hadn’t have any schooling or english speaking lessons it was quite impressive.

The climate was just right, warm and breezy so I decided to dress casual and colorful of course! India is all about bright colors and I love to dress up in brights no matter where I go so I threw on a bright yellow blouse and paired it with these super comfy high waisted crop jeans. Contrasting with different colors was the current trend in India so I also decided to wear my bright blue fringe satchel bag and blue earrings.

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