I’m very happy to see the progress we’ve made in recent years about more sustainable, organic clothing.
As I’ve gotten older, not only have I been more conscious about the foods I eat and keeping my body healthy, but I’ve also gotten myself involved in being more aware of ethical & sustainable clothing. I love fashion and I love clothes so therefore, it only seems right to shop for pieces that will last long and are moralistic.

One line that I truly love and you will notice, is that a lot of my pieces are from the H&M Conscious line. I have so many pieces from their collection and what I love love most about them is that after 2-3 years I can still rock those pieces in recent blog posts because their sustainability lives up to their name.
I’ve also collaborated recently with Lettuce Love, a brand that promotes honest living and clothing. Its such an honor to help promote these brands because they have a greater purpose than just buying and selling. Ten percent of all purchases, including the Lettuce Love T-shirt I’m wearing below, and the other cool things they offer from their online website such as their Lettuce Love dating App. – goes towards select animal charities across the globe, which is Amazing!

You will also notice that all leather and furs that I feature in my blog posts are all vegan leather and faux fur. I love fashion but I love life more and to me, being conscientious about my choices and selecting and promoting brands like these will only make that progression greater in fashion!

To find out more about Lettuce Love, check out their website at Lettucelove.com <http://lettucelove.com/>. They offer, not only sustainable organic t-shirts, but everything related to vegan life. You can download their vegan dating app, read forums, follow their blog posts and even find a vegan housemate! Lets keep this movement going!


Jacket : H&M

Shoes: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Sunglasses : RayBan

T-shirt : Lettuce Love !!