Hello! Fall is back!







Tank: Forever21 (Shop Similar here: Razor Tank )

Culottes: Zara (Shop Similar here: Jean Culottes )

Booties: Forever21 (Shop here: Black Chelsea Boots )

Sunglasses: Prada (Shop here: Oversized Baroque Round Sunglasses )

Choker: Forever21 (Shop here: Satin Choker )

Whenever Fall season arrives, I love to prepare by making a big change of some sort. Whether that is a new haircut, a new hobby to change up my daily routine, a new diet, a new wardrobe, a whole new blog layout!! OR all of the above! I’m so excited to present a new look for my website with you guys and hope you will also enjoy the easy new fall looks I will create for you as well!

I really love fall! The earthy tones, the deep but bright colors gives me leg room to try a lot more different looks. As much as I hate the cold and would prefer summer all year around, something about the crisp fall air motivates me more than any other season. Maybe because I was always used to starting a new school year in the fall and so naturally; Fall just feels like the start of a new year for me.

Above is a summer to fall transition look. It’s an outfit that can be easily put together. One thing that has always been hard for me to do is not knowing how to transition, as in “look fall” when it still feels like summer out. I literally stare at my closet for like 20 minutes trying to decide how to NOT over dress myself but still look the season, so this outfit does just that! Don’t over think it like I do, small details/accessories will easily transition your summer outfit into a fall one, whether that’s throwing on some booties, a light jeans jacket or a dark burgundy lipstick. I included some links to find similar pieces created in this look above. Hope this helps!

 xoxo. Alisha