Believe it or not I basically packed nothing for this trip! I actually found this dress at forever 21 in Long Beach and fell in love with it. This time around I kind of just wanted to grab whatever came into hand and packed it all in my suitcase till I realized that I packed way more bottoms instead of tops. I never been to California so I wasn’t sure what exactly to pack to begin with. It was a week long vacation and I was going to be traveling to many different parts of Cali. I packed skirts and shorts and dresses but found it to be quite chilly. 

Some days were super warm and hot and some days it was super cold. My friend had this cute cardigan pictured below that matched this dress so it was perfect. I threw on the cardigan when I felt cold and took it off when it became too hot. 

I love long bodycon dresses. The fit is so comfy and perfect. I don’t get it – but I have an attraction to anything that has stripes. It’s funny because my best friend is the same way. We just like striped tops and dresses.  I also love wearing long dresses because it makes you appear taller than you really are! They’re also long enough to keep you warm and with simple dresses you can’t really go wrong. You don’t have to pick out a matching top or bottom it’s just 1 simple easy piece. This dress wasn’t the only buy in Cali! I bought some other cute things I’ll share with you guys soon. 

But on a side note – how cute are these pictures and the scenery! We walked the beach and Venice canal and took some great pictures of the flowers planted in the gardens along the way! Truly beautiful! Can I just live there?? 

Dress: Forever 21

Cardigan: Garage

Flip flops: forever21