So I’ve just returned back from my trip to India! It has been an incredible journey and a great 3 weeks well spent! I miss the warmth and culture so much! The last time I’ve been too India before this trip was when I was about 6 years old and so everything was just such a culture shock for me!

The people, the food, the shopping, architecture, clothes, way of living is all so worth experiencing! My family and I took a 12 hour road drive to The Golden City, otherwise known as Jaisalmer! We stayed at this super beautiful hotel (which we did not want to leave!) And traveled around the city and its very famous Jaiselmer Fort!

It was so bright and sunny that day and everything and everyone around me was so colorful and vibrant! I just couldn’t help but to explore every small niche and take pictures of everything I saw! So incredibly fascinating and beautiful!

And I absolutely love my wide leg printed trousers that fit so comfortably and look great for a tour around The Golden City!

Enjoy the pictures and hope they inspire you to take an amazing trip down there as well!  x

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Trousers: Forever21

Top: H&M Basics

Shoes: My ever so comfortable Birkenstocks fit for every occasion and travel!

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Prada