Over the holidays I was introduced to a very special brand, Malas by Mala. Malas by Mala is a jewelry line that sells beautiful stone bracelets that carry out a certain healing power.

What I love most about these beautiful bracelets are that they are not just any ordinary bracelets but their unique energies, healing properties and colors support and strengthen your intention.

What is a Mala bead?  Malas, or often referred to as prayer beads are placed in temples as a reminder of affirmations of faith.  Some malas are made with only 108 beads. However the bracelets come in various counts of auspicious numbers for use in shorter meditations.

Mala beads have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries. I am Hindu as you all know and in Hinduism, you will find malas made with rudraksha, which is considered a very holy and protective seed. Look out for these as they will be available soon on Malasbymala.com and in the meantime you can shop the beautiful and colorful collection of bracelets.

The story behind this brand and the designer is quite unique. Everyone at a certain point in their lives come to a crossroads. Often times we tend to think and ask ourselves – what really makes us happy? What is my true intention and why am I not living my up to my intention? Nevertheless, when times got hard or I needed that extra strength or push, I have always turned to faith and my belief in God. The designer behind this beautiful brand is Mala Vora and her story is very relatable. She was doing what was good for others before she learned that she must do what was good for her. Being a very spiritual person, she turned to faith and landed an opportunity that she was most passionate about. In turn she wanted to do more, and thats when she started this line to share her spiritual happiness with the world.

Mala and I couldn’t have crossed paths at a better time. I was introduced to this brand at a time when I most needed to hear about setting self intention for self compassion and believing in one’s dreams. So when she wanted to collaborate, my immediate response was YES! Its always such a blessing when I get the opportunity to work with brands that mean something to me and it makes collaborating with them so much fun and easy!

Ever since Ive received these beautiful bracelets from Mala, I feel like they have served their purpose of their meaning. This bracelet below is called the Bhaagya or Fortune bracelet. Heres what it means:

The bead: Faceted Tiger Eye – Stone that represents luck and good fortune.

Charm: 24 K Gold Plated Hamsa – protects from the envious or evil eye.


The second bracelet is Shaanti or Peace Bracelet.

The bead: Blue Sea Sediment Jasper: Helps you find inner peace, clarity, love and compassion.

Charm: 24K Matte Gold Plated Tiger:  A tiger represents a powerful energy that helps you live up to your greatest potential.


Just when people say to you “if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.”, being spiritual helps me believe in the same. I believe in my intention, I believe in fortune, I believe in peace, and I have reached peace and had found tremendous luck in the past few weeks. Thanks Mala for sharing your spiritual happiness with me and I will be sure to carry out that happiness to others.

This new year, you can also help carry out spiritual happiness, by visiting Malas By Mala and getting 10% off your purchase by using the code ‘flawlish10’. Malas by Mala bracelets come beautifully packaged with inspirational messages that make great gifts so don’t miss out! For every purchase made, Malas by Mala will provide a meal for a tiger for The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation founded by Eduardo Serio. How cool is that! This new year help make a difference!!!

If you have any great stories, please don’t hesitate and share your spiritual happiness by commenting down below!

Peace & Love,