Hello! Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

Today I’d like to share a collab that I did with Matt and team at Totallee! Totallee is a startup based out of South Pasadena, California founded by Matthias Hug. My mission is to share great stylish pictures of course with a minimalist approach. Its pretty awesome I was given the chance to work with this start-up brand who shares a common vision in style and aesthetics as I do – clean design! Their thin and elegant iPhone cases definitely caught my attention and I was glad to introduce you guys to this cool new brand!

The case featured below is the super thin – “practically invisible” – The Spy case. The Spy case is my favorite because its transparent exterior shows off my rose gold iPhone design! Ever since I purchased my iPhone, I can honestly say that I have never really gotten the chance to enjoy the beautiful rose gold design of the phone itself, so this case is really the best of both worlds, protection and visual appeal! I can also easily fit it in any bag without taking up too much space (As I am sure, every girl can attest to this issue. Ahhhh! ) & I love a cover that adds grip and is also lint resistant! I usually like to pocket my iPhone in the back pocket of my denim jeans so I no longer have to worry about picking up lint on my case! Its really the small things that make a big difference! ;-)*

To explore and learn more about the brand Totallee and their unique iPhone case collection, check out their website at Totallee. They offer free shipping + 90 Day warranty. You cant go wrong!! Love it!

Also be sure to check out their cool pictures & follow them on Instagram @totalleecase .