So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve been back from Spain! I miss it so much, it was an amazing 4 day getaway with really cool close friends. Although our trip to Barcelona, Spain was fairly short, we got to visit and see a lot of the things we had on our list to see. The city is so beautiful with a lot of history and culture. I am so glad we made the trip to go especially because we booked the flight so spontaneously. The experience was one of a kind!

Barcelona has been one of my top places to visit so it was truly great timing since the weather was just right and it felt as if everything worked in our favor when we got there. The expenses were affordable and the time traveled was enjoyed.Take a look below to follow what we did day by day! Hope these pictures inspire you to take a trip down there as well! Enjoy and thanks for reading! Besos, Lish xo



The first day we got to our Airbnb, and decided to freshen up and soak in the gorgeous view of the Sagrada Familia across the street!! (I know! – super cool!) Then we headed into town to do a little shopping because of course shopping is a must – always 🙂 We were super lucky with the apartment we found because the metro was right downstairs of our place so getting around was super easy! 

passeig de gracia  

tapa tapa – where we tried our first sangria pitcher!!!! Love!!   

casa Batlló 


arc de Triomf    



The second day we we visited the very awesome Gothic Quarter and the Museo de Picasso!


The third day we visited one of my favorite locations called “Park Güell“! This park is so beautiful and you can see all of Barcelona from there! And I’m super glad we went there because we got to experience live music from Spanish musicians that were so incredible to watch!

   Then we headed down by the beach to do lunch at Opium.  

Fourth day we finally made it inside the Sagrada familia ! Can I just tell you guys how beautiful this church is!!! The artist behind the churches design is Atoni Gaudi and he is one of Spain’s most known to be artists! It was pretty awesome to see his work/teachings of art inside that beautiful church! Truly a blessing! After Visiting the church we decided to head to Camp Nou!!!!! My brother is a ¡HUGE! FCB fan and in love with Messi! So I decided to bring back an official FCB Messi jersey for him and being a soccer fan myself and having played soccer this was a pretty cool experience for me especially experiencing it with my friend Lindsey who was on my soccer team back in high school! Lol

This city is so gorgeous and the people are very sweet! I would recommend this city for everyone that wants to visit Spain and I can’t wait to go back to see Madrid!! Woohoo! I’ll be posting some of my outfit posts from Barca soon! Stay tuned…